Stationäre Anlage mit Dauerbetrieb

Typ TTH3
Výkon na svorkách (výkon induktorů) v kW 3
Frekvence v kHz 70 - 450
Rozměry generátoru š x v x h (v mm) 450 x 150 x 650
Rozměry ohřívací stanice š x v x h (v mm) 230 x 180 x 300

The induction heating unit TTH3 consists of two components, the high frequency Generator and the stationary heating station with the corresponding inductor.

The TTH3 has been designed with state of the art semiconductor technology and therefore enables an optimal overall efficiency of the unit. The generator automatically selects the resonance frequency for any inductor and thereby always achieves maximum output.


Data sheet TTH-2-3-5