About our company

Dealing with induction heating and induction systems generally requires many years of experience and considerable know-how. We are experts for all types of heat treatment with induction heating systems. This extensive knowledge allows us to construct equipment in our production facility in Gumpoldskirchen, produced and tailored to the needs of our customers so that they fit seamlessly into their production process and even optimize it. More information can be found in our image brochure.

Why Choose Us

  • We have many years of experience and extensive know-how.
  • Our equipment is tailored to the customer needs.
  • Our units fit seamlessly into your production process.
  • Together with our customer we optimize the use of our equipment.
  • This means that our units and systems have a short amortization period.

The development of the company

The company’s history began in 1996. Back then Dipl.-Ing. Martin Schweikhart founded the sole proprietorship. Only one year later he was able convert the engineering office into the “iew Induktive Erwärmungsanlagen GmbH “.

The iew quickly developed into a successful manufacturer of induction heating systems for the industry, trade and science. Today we are one of the leading companies in regards to small and medium sized induction heating systems.

To ensure that the company’s growth is not slowed down, we opened our new building in Gumpoldskirchen south of Vienna in 2008.