Induction heating units

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We manufacture induction heating units in mobile and stationary versions. The units consist of two components: the high-frequency generator and the heating station. In order to cool the power components and the inductor, cooling water is needed in addition.

All our induction heating units are built in advanced semiconductor technology. This allows an optimal overall efficiency of the system. The generator chooses the resonance frequency with any inductor automatically, thus always achieving the maximum possible power output.

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Stationary units TTHx and TTHxt

These units come with a stationary inductor and the workpiece is supplied to the heating location. The power of these units ranges from 2 kW to 25 kW.

Mobile units TTHxHT

Here, the inductor is freely moveable. It can be handled manually or for example, mounted on a robot arm. The power of these units ranges from 2 kW to 15 kW.


By this we mean, for example, devices for the temperature control with a configurable setpoint temperature on the workpiece.