IHU110/2 (Induction Hardening Unit – 1 x TTH10 10kW)


Scope of work: Induction hardening of rocker arms

This small work place was constructed for the hardening of rocker arms for aircraft and motor sport engines. The zone to be hardened is approximately 10mm x 10mm.

The single components of iew have been integrated locally on a worktable supplied by the customer. The small hardening unit consists of a PLC sequence control (menu guidance in German and English) for the power control of the induction system, the activation of a solenoid valve for the emulsion shower and an infrared pyrometer for the temperature measurement. A drip pan for the emulsion liquid has also been integrated in the working table which is also equipped with a temperature sensor and connection to a cooling system to ensure a constant emulsion temperature.

As the weekly number of hardness components was only about 300pcs but the need to integrate the hardening process into the in-house manufacturing process was given, the more cost effective solution where the induction hardening unit was integrated into an already available worktable at the customer was chosen.