IHU120 (Induction Hardening Unit – 1 x TTH20 20kW)


Scope of work: Vertical hardening of small parts

This unit is a vertical hardening system for the hardening of small parts and for the annealing of chucks.

This system is equipped with a rotary clamping system with a speed of 100 to 200rpm and a lifting system with 450mm traverse path. With the help of an infrared pyrometer precisely matched to the required hardening temperature, the proper feed rate of the inductor can be calculated. Alternatively it is possible to harden at a constant feed rate. Both options allow the greatest flexibility for different hardening tasks.

The PLC interface allows the creation and saving of up to 100 hardening programs. By connecting the unit to the customer’s corporate network, these hardening programs and hardening data can be exchanged.